PLS help my new Chloe Paddy

  1. Hi everyone! I bought this :heart:Chloe at Nordstrom just less than two weeks ago. I haven't gotten the chance to use it much because of all the rain. But this morning as I was looking at it, I realized the handles are not matching or proportional. (refer to pics below) I don't know if it normally does that or if I bought it like that. I was trying to make them even but Im afraid theyre stuck or something. What should I do? Should I return it? Is it fixable? I want my bag to be perfect! Please help or advice me. I am stressin out!
  2. Normal, unfortunately.

    The bag is gorgeous tho! Is that mastic or the new whiter blanc?
  3. Defo normal - sometimes you get lucky and they match sometimes you dont. Some peoples loosen through wear and you can then move them but that doesn't happen to everyones that I have heard.

    Its a gorgeous bag - I wouldn't let it worry you
  4. oooh!! thats not good, why dont u return it and get another one?? it doesnt look good to me:s
  5. I can't believe that's normal... but thanks! It is mastic.
  6. I had a paddy just like that and I was able to slowly slide the grip back to an even position. Good luck!
  7. This is weird. Maybe I am off but I really wonder sometimes: I do love designer handbags for the design yes but far too many times the craftsmenship and quality don't mesure up to the "name" or price...
  8. My chloe handles are the same thing! it took me months to realize it - I was so busy makin sure all else was ok. (it was) I wouldnt stress over it!
  9. Hmm *scratches head* I wonder if my Chloe has this...
    need to check when I go up later.never noticed it.
    but it's good to hear that it's normal but I still don't get why it's hard for them to get it right :/
  10. First tell me is your leather buttery soft??

    Second that handle thing would bug me BUT it's MASTIC!!!!!! such a wonderful color. If you got a deep discount I would definitely let it go.
  11. Tbh - i think having the handles like that would bug me a little...but if i got it for a good price, i'd let it go.

    I guess it depends on whether you think you can live with it, or not.:yes:

    Gorgeous bag, btw!:heart:
  12. Thanks for the comments guys! I really do love the color and if I exchange it, I am afraid they won't have the same color available anymore. But it really does bug me... and yes, I paid full price - no discount... :so confused: :confused1:
  13. ITA!!
    Things like this really piss me off.....:cursing:
  14. If you paid full price, I would take it back. There are more mastics somewhere and likely to pop up on eBay from time to time. There is no sense having a bag with issues like that, especially for the price you paid for it. Take it back to Nordies! Get a terrific discount or take it back. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would bug you even more later!

  15. I have a paddy and I can definitely move mine to reposition them, its tight but they do move.