Pls help - My friend is in great pain

  1. Hi everyone

    My friend has been diagnoised of rheumatoid arthritis recently and she is only 27 yrs old.

    She has been experiencing great pain on & off for the past few weeks and seem to grow worse after she has seen the doc. It appears that doc only gave her painkillers and steriods.

    Is there any other medicine she can take to prevent such pain/ inflammation and prevent this thing from getting worse?

    The pain has affected her alot and she can't work when it strikes. I am at a loss what to do.

    If you have any tips or help, please let me know.

    thanks alot! :heart:
  2. I really have no suggestions, but I send my wishes for your friend to get much better!
  3. Orangetree,
    Unfortunately, I cannot offer any advice. However, I would like to wish your friend a fast and easy solution to her pain. I wish her all the best:flowers:
  4. I'm so sorry for your friend-she is so young! I have lupus and OA (osteoarthritis) so I spend a lot of time at the rheumatolgists' office and that seems to be the normal course of treatment. There is a fairly new pill out for RA but the waiting room chatter on it is mixed. Check the Arthritis Foundation website-there is a lot of information there about RA.
  5. My heart goes out to your friend. It must be so difficult because she is so young.

    My grandmother has the same condition. Unfortunately she does not take any medicine for it so I don't have any advice to give you. I hope your friend can find something that will work for her and ease her pain.
  6. oh, i'm so sorry for your friend, i have no idea to help her getting through this but i hope she get well soon & some girls in PF can help her.
  7. thank you so much for the reply!

    this thread is heart-warming... and so I thought to let my friend take a look at all your replies to give her encouragement. :yes:
  8. I'm sorry about your friend. I hope she gets well soon.
  9. unfortunately I have no help but I feel sorry for your friend and wish her a speedy, painless recovery.:flowers:
  10. hi, I am very sorry for your friend. I havea relative with this condition & 'prevention' is better than cure as far as medication is concerned, by that I mean, having treatments & taking medicines now help in the future. Its like you have to build up a resistance to it. My relative takes lots of suppliments like cod liver oil etc. she didn't havea great result with the doctor prescribed medicines so went to an alternative therapist who advised in her totake various natural medicines. s oI would recommend that your friend goes to see a natural therapist to get some advise from another prespective.

    in the meantine, as this is an inflammation disease, any strong anti-inflamatry will ease it a little. Ibuprofen is a great one & is contained in many brands.

    Also, does she has a nail bar near her?? I would highly recommend she has a parrafin wax treatment. After a very light massage using essential oils & deep moisturiser(which in itself will help break down the toxins around the joints) her hand will be painted with arm paraffin wax (or possibly dipped into it) until a thick 'glove' is coating her hand. hands are then placed in plastic bags & wrapped in warm towels to keep the heat in & she is left to relax for 20 mins or so. After this, the wax is peeled off (totally painfree, its a bit like taking a rubber glove off). She should find this rather relaxing & it should help with the pain in her joints. I used to be a nail tech & this was a treatment I did for many of my elderly clients affected by this disease.

    at the very least she should be rubbing hand lotion into her hands several times a day, this will help to break dow nthe toxins around the joints & give her more movement.

    I hope she finds some of my advice helpful & I really hope she can find a way to ease her pain.
  11. So sorry to hear about your friend's RA, it must be very hard for her.

    I've had mild arthritus in my knee since I was very young (due to dislocations), but, thankfully, I can only imagine what it must be like to have RA.

    Sorry I can't give any advice. :sad:
  12. ^ great advice parkavenue!!

    the parrafin wax treatment works great and it makes your hand silky smooth afterwards!

    I wish your friend the quickest and least painful recovery. *HUGG*
  13. So sorry to hear about your friend's medical problem, oranGetRee. Has she gone to a sinseh (Chinese physician)?
  14. Fish oil capsules, glucosamine & chondroitin and SAM-e. All are natural anti-inflammatories.

    Run screaming from steriods unless it is for a life-threatening condition. Steroids make you FAT (which is NO help for RA patients) and also have a variety of other not so nice side effects.

    Swimming (indoor pool-warm water) is good too. It's soothing and strengthening the muscles is helpful for RA.
  15. Hi, Orangetree, So sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like she was started on what is the normal initial treatment ( anti-inflammatories and steroids) for rheumatoid arthritis. If the treatments aren't working, the next step could be consideration of DMD's ( disease modifying drugs) like methotrexate etc. But, these drugs can sometimes carry side effects. It might be worth waiting to see if the initial treatments can control the symptoms and making sure she has regular review from her Dr. Have a look for dietary modifications as well- Fish oils may help with RA but certain foods can sometimes flare RA - my mum has RA and finds that sour foods like tomatoes/oranges flares her disease. Acupuncture can help with pain and she may want to try hydrotherapy as well. Hope she feels better soon.