Pls Help-Monogram Canvas Luggage

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  1. Pls help me...I can't decide on monogram canvas Keepall 50 with shoulder strap, Keepall 55 with shoulder strap, Eole 50 rolling duffle or Pegase 50.

    I'm petite, 5'2 and I'm afraid the Keepall will be too heavy and too big for me to carry if I fill it with a lot of things. I'm also concern about putting the Keepall on the ground, I don't want to dirty the bag.

    Does anyone know if Keepall 50 and 55 with shoulder strap will be too heavy if it is stuffed with clothes and shoes?

    As with the Eole 50 and Pegase 50, I just can't decide which rollie I like more. Does anyone know which rollie is bigger, as in which one can be stuffed with more clothes?

    With the rollie, I'm scare the wheels might break or fall off if I roll it around too much. me decide on which 1 of the 4 bags I should get.
  2. Keepall 50 or 55 will be heavy even with straps when fully filled (I still LVOE them to death though :smile: The Eole 50 is technically larger than the Pegase 50 and yet, it's still a carry on size. For the money, I'd go with the Eole 50. The wheels are durable and wont' break w/ regular use. If you want something that's easy to take care off, go w/ Eole 50 in ebene or Damier Geant. Otherwise, mono is great too! :smile:
  3. 50 is awesome!!! I love it...
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    While the Pegase 50 and the Eole may hold similar amounts, I find that the shape of the Mono Eole 50 is tough to pack and/or have easy access to everything. The curved shape of the Mono Eole also means you have to pack strategically. The square shape and the ability to completely open the Pegase (as well as the Damier Eole) make it much more efficient and easier to deal with. Having said that I do love my Mono Eole. I just don't use it as often as my Pegase.

    Regarding the wheels - they are VERY sturdy! I use my wheeled luggage weekly and have rolled on every kind of surface. They do just fine and have held up extremely well. I have even rolled mine fully loaded over blocks of cobblestone streets with no probs to the wheels at all.

    Good luck with your decision.