~~Pls HELP~~ mini Chyc green vs bordeaux ?

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  1. Dear lover TPF,

    i have been stalking this forum for a while since i fell inlove with mini chyc cabas (the old one) then the hunt started..for months i couldnt find red or blue anywhere. :cry:

    earlier this week i came across a shop who has 2 mini chyc in stock in green and bordeaux. I never seen both colors in real life,

    So i am asking you, YSL expert which one i should get? I love colors and it'd be my almost everyday bag (is it a good idea?) lets say both colors go with nothing in my wardrope :sweatdrop: but i really want the bag..so i'll work something out :graucho:


    Thank you very much for your opinions!
  2. bordeaux. it's a beautiful colour and easier to wear.
  3. I agree with orangehx - bordeaux is beautiful!
  4. Another vote for bordeaux! I have the bordeaux chyc in the medium size and get compliments on the color all the time.
  5. Bordeaux =)
  6. bordeaux:woot::woot:
  7. Bordeaux...it is one of the non-black classic colors.
  8. Bordeaux. It's a classic color that will be a keeper. And it goes with black, blue, white, brown, reds, and even gray outfits!
  9. Bordeaux!! Please post mod pics if you buy :smile: :smile:
  10. lol wow.. thanks everyone for the replies..
    here are some more pics from window display...

    there is something about the green one that stuck in my head...:shucks:

    ysl3.JPG ysl4.JPG
  11. That's a difficult choice. I'd say go for the one which appeals to you most, which seems to be the green one.
  12. I would go with the bordeaux as well! It works well with all seasons! Would love to see mod photos with whichever you decide!
  13. Bordeaux would be my choice, however, you should follow what appeals to you - the green is a nice splash of color.
  14. Odd man out. I love the green!
  15. +1. Love the green! Such a happy color.