Pls help me! YSL Cabas Chyc Burgundy or Bright Red?

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  1. Pls help me choose between these 2 beautiful colors.
  2. Like the burgundy, but the red is fun s more classic and sophisticated, the other is loud and fun...
  3. I agree with this assessment and I prefer the red. I think the red can be worked into most outfits easier than the burgundy. However, it depends on what your closet looks like color-wise.

    Both are beautiful. Best of luck on your choice.:smile:
  4. I like the red more. Burgundy is more like for winter and not suitable in summer unless you wear something dark. Good luck.
  5. Thanks ladies, I really love the bright red color. I don't have a red purse yet, isn't it too much? Or too loud? I'm also wondering if I could wear it on everyday basis.

    On the other hand, the burgundy is very versatile. Not choosy with any color of outfit. However, in person it comes out really really dark burgundy. It could even appear black on bad lighting.
  6. I actually think the burgundy is easier to wear than the red and will go with more outfits. But I'm biased...I just bought the burgundy!
  7. Red is fun and classy!
  8. Do you see it like almost black or dark brown? Or maybe its just me LOL!:biggrin:
    That's one reason I'm having second thoughts, I have several black and dark brown purses already.

    When I saw it online, it looks like red wine which I really liked but when I received it the mail, it's just too dark.

    Now, I'm thinking if I should return it and get the bright red.
  9. I haven't received it yet =( I just ordered it through hgbags at a great price. I did get a chance to see it at the store a few months ago and remember it being a very dark brownish burgundy. I actually prefer it being dark because it is easier to match for me. I think if you buy it in the more structured leather, it is closer to red wine. The chyc cabas I bought is in the more slouchy leather, like the one in the photo you posted, which I think looks brownish in person. I think the red is gorgeous too...I just feel like I personally cannot pull it off in a large-ish bag. But if you already have a lot of brown bags, go for the red!
  10. LOVE the red. I was thinking about this red and Prada fuoco, which is a more dimmed down red. I actually much prefer the YSL red but I don't like the sheepskin on the Chyc bags - too soft. I went with the prada in the end.
  11. :panic: Oh no! I really can't decide.... :sad:
  12. in larger everyday satchels i tend to like more classic colors (nude, burgundy, black, cream/white etc) whereas in small clutches and shoulder bags i go for bright, pop colors (red, fuchsia, electric blue, etc). i just bought an AW emile in the new fall "oxblood" (a gorgeous, rich burgundy) and also recently got the large BDJ in deep red (super fun and bright!). so my vote's for the burgundy. with the new trends nowadays, there's really no more distinction between which colors you should wear for fall/winter and spring/summer. i think you can make any color work year-round, so i can see this burgundy being carried in the spring/summer as well!! (after all, people carry black all year-round, why not burgundy?!??!!! it's black's cooler cousin IMHO!! lol) ultimately though, the choice is up to you.... i would say go with your initial gut instinct, cause you always pick the right one!!

    let us know what you decide and best of luck!! :biggrin:
  13. I have the red (poppy) It is simply divine and have zero regrets.
  14. red! :smile: more fun and you can use it all year-round!
  15. Red is gorgeous!