Pls help me with unfair unpaid stike !!!!

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  1. Hi, Everyone
    when I won bid White Denim Gucci keychain keyring phone strap RRP £90 (270519218083) on 28 /01 then I paid immediately.After that I got this item but when I checked on The Purse forum and Castira (reputable expert website) that said it 's fake .Anyway I told the seller then she said that she agreed to refund money for me and I returned it back to her already .Howerver I don't know why she opened unpaid strike because it's not fair for me why I have to buy the counterfeit item.Anyway I think ebay 's the policy don't sell everything that 's fake but when I refuse to buy it why the seller can open my case.Recently I just set email to ebay what happened with my case.Please help me how I can do .Thank you so much :cry:
  2. You can forward ebay the receipt from paypal for proof that you did paid for the item and you should get no NPB strike against you.
  3. Thank you pursewatch .First time the seller sent me the cancel transaction but I didn't response then she opened unpaid strike that I just saw today so I posted to ask in here .Anyway I went back to see my case and then it still showed the cancel transaction so recently I tried to use that option and now my case was closed already.However , I would like to know everything 've been done or not ?.Thank you
  4. What she was originally asking you to do was a mutual non-completion so that she could get her FVF back. She should have explained that to you.

    eBay does not do a good job in explaining these things and their bots don't recognize the difference between unpaid and refunded.
  5. Yes,deekai I think so and she is not good seller because when I won bid this item then she didn't want to sell it cause the end of price 's cheapper than she expected and wanted me to agree with her then she would give me the positive feedback but I said to her if you didn't want to sell this price why you didn't set the reserve price after that she told me that's just asking me and if not she could sell to me.Anyway first time IMO I thought she 's OK because she accepted my reasons and sold this stuff to me that why I left positive feedback before checking in here but when I knew it's Fake then I agreed with her that return it back on the same day but when she who got the item and didn't refund my money so I had to send email three times until I told her if you 're not gave money back then I would report to ebay and paypal .Finally,I gave my money back one week later and she sent cancel transaction as well .However I thought she's not honestly seller and everyone should avoid to buy anything from her.
  6. I think I've read that the process has now changed, and you have to wait until you actually get a strike before you can provide the paypal transaction number to dispute it. I think that's only available now in the appeals process.

    Am I making this up, or has anyone else heard about this recently?
  7. Call Ebay/PP and talk to them about this.