pls help me to find the timeless clutch in black patent...

  1. wonder if the timeless clutch black patent already being released? anybody seen it? pls let me know. TIA!!!!:p:heart:
    and how much the retail price??
  2. I asked a similar question and CHANELboy told me that Nordstrom MOA will be getting quite a few clutches but they're already going quickly on pre-sale. I'd start looking now, but to answer your question, yes, they are being released for F/W.
  3. Nordstrom Mall of America is receiving that clutch as part of Fall Act II. The retail will be $1125. We are receiving 11 and I think 8 are presold already.
  4. i posted a thread not too long ago that Michigan Troy Saks had 1 in stock, retail was 1025, ask for diane, she's off today, will be in on monday.
  5. Would you say the patent clutch is "dressier" than the caviar one? And is the patent clutch the same size as the caviar clutch? Will it show (gasp!) fingerprints and make me crazy?:confused1: TIA!
  6. Is it patent or crackled patent? thanks
  7. thanks ladies. i think its patent black. ( the one that paris hilton carrys). will need to wait list.. thx you!
  8. yes..I order one already from Nordstrom Mall of America at retail $1125, I just cant wait to have it!!:yahoo:
  9. yes, I think patent is dressier than caviar:yes:
  10. Would love to see photo of these side by side...I've never seen the patent in person.:sad:
  11. I am interested in this bag as well....
  12. wow.. sorry if this is not Chanel-related but th YSL Clutch is NICE!! haha=) probably get the YSL in white, and Chanel clutch in black=)