pls help me to find out the price!

  1. hi, am the fresher here, wanna find out 35cm toile/ostrich birkin with gold hw how much gonna cost?

    pls tell me if anyone know the price, many thanx! :woohoo:
  2. never seen an exotic toile combo.
  3. wouldn't that be a special order?
  4. jup and a pretty rare one. beware there are a lot of fakes out there in exotic toile combos
  5. i've no idea, got it from my mum, she has 7 H~ but birkin really not my style, so one of my friend ask if i can find out the price so she can buy from me~

    but when i ask my mum she said she forgot!!!T_T
  6. post some pictures and the lovely members will help
  7. woo i just saw a picture of an orange croc/toile combo last night. I'll post the picture when i get home tonight!
  8. no pic at the moment, i'll find one in my laptop 2moro, many thanx~
  9. pls~
  10. Not sure if it is authentic, but the sticker is still on it...
  11. u mean the sticker on hw? what's wrong with it? :confused1:

    mine has no sticker on~~
  12. Thank you Fesdu for the picture on I think it is definitely authentic bag. About the plastic on the hardware, some people just want to leave them on when the bag is still new. My freind also has a birkin croc/toile. It is quite nice. :smile:
  13. Are you sure that you want to sell a bag that your mom has given you as a gift? And the world's most desired bag on top of that? My mom would be very disappointed if I did that.