Pls help me to decide - Navy Luxe Nikki?

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  1. I searched everywhere but can not find a picture of the Navy Luxe Nikki. I wanted to do a pre-order just in case it gets sold out quickly... Anyone did the pre-order? What do you know about this bag?
  2. We don't have a pic of the navy luxe nikki yet. There are quite a few threads on the navy luxe leather though so I would run a few searches and I'm sure you will find info. about where to pre-order from, what the leather will look like, etc.

    I can tell you that it will come with the new light gold hardware.

    ETA: BTW, I love your collection ivy!!!
  3. well, it's been available for PreOrder for a while. you can call Luna Boston and see if they still have any.
    oh, there aren't any pics yet!
  4. Yes, if you do a search, I am sure you could find numerous threads with pics of Navy Luxe (no Nikki yet though) as well as retailers already doing preorders.