pls help me to decide btw DS reissue & dark orange glazed lambskin

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  1. guys, could u help me?? now i have 3 reissues: black, dark red and dark silver. i love them all but since yesterday i saw shopping247 posted her Jumbo Dark Orange Glazed Lambskin. im totally in love in this bag. i immediately called SA asking about this bag and she said she has one in medium size. i think i should sell one reissue which is dark silver but i still hestitate. the thing is should i buy Jumbo Dark Orange Glazed Lambskin and sell dark silver or should i keep dark silver or should i wait for fall collections???
    thanks so much :tup:

    this is shopping247's bag. thanks her
  2. Jumbo Dark Orange Glazed Lambskin gets my vote.
  3. Well if I had to choose, I would pick the one that I would get the most use out of. Personally I wouldn't use the Dark Orange color very much. On the otherhand if I had a Bordeaux Jumbo I would never part with it :graucho: I say if you love it that much and you dont care to use your DS reissue, then sell her.
  4. thanks so much Miffy27 and sw33p3a. its really hard to make a decision. :confused1: i love dark orange coz its almost red!! but i hvnt seen the one by myself.
  5. tough decision, glad its not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. :wtf: yes, tough waiting for other answers..:P
  7. Keep the dark silver because the dark orange is in medium. Also, dark orange is pretty much red and you already have dark red. So your current collection seems quite nice now and if I were you, I won't change it. :smile:
  8. Sell the DS reissue and wait for fall collections~~
  9. If the medium is not the size you want, wait for the right size and get that one. IMO, metallics are too trendy, while the orange is a really pretty orange that will stand the test of time. You may not like the silver in 10 years, but will probably still love the orange.
  10. I would keep the DS b/c its a bronze/silver versatile color. I would wait for fall b/c there are so many colors coming out.
  11. My vote is for the dark orange lambskin, as I have the jumbo one. I really love the color.
  12. ^ ditto. I am biased! LOL :P

    sorry to create such a temptation for you envasine. this is definitely a tough decision to make. one thing i should throw into the discussion, is that this color might be hard to come by later (correct me if i am wrong ladies!). so you might want to take this into consideration when making your decision.

    on the other hand, it's important whether you will use the bag a lot. no good if you get the dark orange bag and not use it b/c the size is too small, etc.

    could you purchase the bag, but return it if you change your mind?
  13. Dark Orange Glazed.
  14. My vote is for dark orange glazed lambskin - very unique bag and colour. You already have 2 other reissues even if you sell your Dark Silver!
  15. I thought you meant a diamond stitch reissue and got confused for a second.
    Not a fan of the reissues (cept for the red and the navyyyy loveee the navy)
    So I vote Glazed dark orange :smile: