pls help me to chose! fendi denim or lv mc speedy?

  1. hi everybody,im new here.ive beed reading these threads for long and i just decided to regist! anyway, i got a problem! i rly like the fendi spy denim striped bag but i also think that lv mc is more like everyday-use.and my x bf,he still like me,he will buy me one for my birthday........JUST ONE!so it's my tough decision now....between the mc speedy or the fendi spy denim? which one u guys think will be last longer,as in stay in the trend longer or match with many clothes. (i rarely wear black or dark tone colours for clothes!)thx.........for ur answers!!! :smile:
  2. I love the mc speedy the best!
  3. Speedy.
  4. The speedy definitely.
  5. Def. MC Speedy
  6. MC Speedy all the way...
  7. lol! no one says FENDI!! so i'll guess i'll just tell him to buy the LV MC speedy then~!! :smile:
  8. speedy for sure!
  9. Speedy!:yes:
  10. ok so i may be the only person to say Fendi :lol:. i love the Spy -- probably because i'm waiting for mine :biggrin: -- and because it's denim and white it can go with most outfits. plus it's a shoulder bags, and i prefer shoulder bags these days.

    i like the Speedy, but not in the Multicolore. too much hardware going on :Push:
  11. go with MC the black speedy! :yes: check out LV_Addict's posts, sooo TDF!!:yahoo:
  12. speedy all the way... the only fendi i was willing to buy rather than this mc is the fendi B-bag :P
  13. :yes: