Pls Help Me To Choose Which One To Be My First Chanel

  1. Help, the more i read the more chanel i wanted. Now, i've shortlisted 3 bags at the moment, can expert PFers give me some advice on which one to get first!
    1. expandable flap in pink or black
    2. dark silver reissue 225
    3. black caviar medium classic flap
  2. are u after a bag that can fit lots of things in it? if you are, then the expandable is the way to go, because the 225 reissue and the medium classic flap are don't hold much at all. but if size isn't an issue....... heh then all 3 are gorgeous bags and u can't go wrong with any of them!

    normally i'd pick a classic black flap as a 1st chanel, but seeing as how the dark silver reissue is so hard to find nowadays, if u can get your hands on one, get that one! and get a black classic flap later on :yes:
  3. dark silver reissue!
  4. either expandable or medium flap!!
    good luck:smile:
  5. black caviar flap
  6. The black caviar flap is my first (and atm only !) Chanel piece, you can't go wrong with this!
  7. The black classic flap is a great one to start with, but as nightshade said, it doesn't hold a lot. I would be tempted to start with a black expandable for the extra room.
  8. Dark silver reissue~ Is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  9. black caviar medium classic flap
    it's classic and would worth all the money :yes:
  10. This is my choice: black caviar medium classic flap....u won't go wrong without her....:smile:
  11. ooh, all gorgeous bags! i would go with the reissue first since it's hard to find, then the black flap and finally the expandable.
  12. i have to say black caviar flap too... it's such a classic that you can use year after year..

    whichever you choose, enjoy!
  13. since i own the dark silver reissue, i'm gonna be biased and say the reissue!!
    Chanel is relaunching the reissue in the 226 and 227 size only this Fall. Also a "metallic black" reissue w/ silver hardware, I havent seen the pics for that one. I'm waiting for it!
  14. Thks for all yr advice.
    absolutanne: thks for the info. May i know what size is your reissue? Beside metallic black, do you have any idea what other color they will be having in fall?