Pls help me to choose my next Chanel...

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  1. I have several targets..still thinking which one will be my next Chanel..currently I have Red and Black Jumbos and Black GST...considering to add:

    Dark Silver 226 ?
    Metallic Black 227?
    Patent Black Clutch?
    Baby Cabas?
    Navy Blue reissue 227?
    The Rock Medium size?

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me!! this is my B'day gift!!:yahoo:
  2. The patent black timeless clutch? That's TDF.

    You have a great list of choices! It's really hard.

    The baby cabas is great for day wear, but if you're more into another flap the dark silver 226 is GORGEOUS.

    (I'm officially no help).
  3. Metallic Black 227
  4. dark silver 226 gets my vote! :yes:
  5. Dark silver 226 - would have voted for the black metallic reissue but you already have a black jumbo. Dark silver will round out your collection.
  6. navy blue reissue,love that color, and goes great with jeans!!
  7. Patent clutch or Navy reissue. I love that bag.