Pls help me to choose between Palais Royal or Altadama


Jul 25, 2007
Hi guys,

Can you please you guys help me to choose between Palais Royal or Altadama in Nude color? I already have Lady Peep 150 in Nude but it's really difficult to walk and feel unstable. I'm thinking to sell it and buy either those two instead.

Thank you:P


May 1, 2012
In a beleaguered land...
Envazine I do not own the Palais Royal but I do own Altadama in both 100mm and 140mm versions. I assume you are referring to the 140mm version and I can say it's the most comfortable Louboutin really-high-heel shoe. For 140mm, due to the double platform, it's pretty good.
Personally I do not like the look of the Palais Royal at all and I don't think it was a huge hit either.
Altadama has the "disadvantage" of being a previous seasons design and some people might be bothered by that.
Altadama (both versions) have double platforms, one of which is hidden which means you get the comfort of the lower pitch but the aesthetic of a "thinner" platform.
I suggest you try them both on and see which one looks better on you.
For me, between the two you suggested, Altadama 140mm gets my vote.