Pls help me save my dress

  1. I bought a chiffon dress over the weekend and I accidentally damaged the sleeve by pulling it from my suitcase hooked onto a sharp object. Now I'm left with a small hole on the sleeve. Since the sleeve is made of chiffon, is there anything I can do to make the hole look less obvious? Arghh.. I'm so mad at myself!

  2. is there anyway to take it to an alteration store and see what they can do about it? I'm sorry that happened to your dress though. :crybaby:
  3. I did. I took it to a seamstress and she said I will have to live with the hole :wtf: . So I came here wondering if someone had been thru what I am going thru now. Guess I will have to either get rid of the sleeve or learn to live with it :crybaby:
  4. Did you actually rip a hole into the fabric and tear the threads or are they just sort of moved over?

    I wear a lot of chiffon and unfortunately there really isn't much to do with it if there is a tear, if there isn't the best thing to do is just try to even out the threads so the hole does not look too obvious but a tear is definately a problem.

    I asked my mom who studied fashion design and sewing in college and she said there isn't much you can do.

    So sorry.. things like that are terrible.
  5. Thanks Miss 2 A. Its not really a tear, just a small hole. My husband said it wasn't that obvious when I had it on but a hole is still a hole and I know its there. I guess I'm being paranoid. :p
  6. It is pretty tiny, hopefully it won't be noticable.

    You're welcome : )
  7. the hole is not noticable and if anyone points it out act surprised and disappinted.