pls help me: rejection letter title

  1. Hi ladies,
    I need your help for my homework..

    I take a business communication class, and one of the assignment is to write a rejection letter. I imagine myself as a recruiter and have to reject a job applicant by email.
    I dont have any idea about the title of the email.

    I hope some of you can help me with this.

    Thanks a lot in advance =)
  2. I think I would just title it something like, "Regarding x position with x company"
  3. Thank You for Your Recent Application with Us.
  4. How about, "You Suck." Just kidding, it's Monday.

    Seriously, how about something like "Your application has been received by Company X."

    Then in the body of the email it would say thank you, we have other applicants who fit the job description better, we'll keep your resume on file and contact you if something becomes available.

    Can you tell I've gotten plenty of these in my lifetime? LOL
  5. ^^ What lorihmatthews said!!
  6. To be or not to longer a question!!