Pls help me!! Regarding my new bow(made in India)

  1. Hi ladies, I got this from Miu Miu boutique so I'm sure its
    authentic. Now the problem is I find that the portion below the
    bow looks weird! It look so unnatural and too nicely pleats.
    Is this normal? Anybody's bag is like mine?
    I used to have a bow a year ago Made in Italy its not like that.
    Btw this one here is Made in India. Could it be the origin of where its made?
    Please advise me....
    Anybody with Made in India bow can share pix of how the bow look
    like? Many thanks in advance.
    3.JPG 2.JPG 1.JPG
  2. I just checked my bow.. and the pleats look the same as yours (although a bit more crinkley from use). Mine is made in Turkey
  3. Hi angelkisses,
    thanks for the reply. If you have a pix of the pleats can you share with me?

    Anoybody else able to share is your bow pleats same as mine? The problem is the pleats is folded in and fixed there unlike others bow where by if you stuff things in it it will spread open up. I hope you understand what I meant......

    Really need more advice from ladies that just bought the bow bag. thanks..
  4. I have the same problem. A friend of mine help me to get a bow bag from London and it made in India. Now should I exchange to the one that made in italy or turkey? Please advice as this will be my first miu miu.

  5. Hi Dagee,
    Yes we have the same problem! I'm glad you share your pix here.
    You mean to go back london to change?
    Or change in your local country? Can changing be done in local country when the bag was not bought locally in the boutique?
  6. Hi ailinkoh, I know you wanted to see the different. The bag is still in London with my friend. She took the pic to show me only to find out it made in india. So I still have time to have it exchange IF only they have those that made in Italy/turkey.
    Where did you get yours? Did you check when you purchase the bag? Maybe you should call your SA about this.
  7. mine looks exactly the same as urs, it was made in india as well but bought in florence 2 months ago.
  8. Dagee, Since u still can change then u should.
    Emimonster, did u just bought your bow? I begin to feel its either the newer batch are all like that or will be those made in india are like that.
  9. Where is the origin stated in the bag? I can't seem to find it in mine..
  10. ^ The origin would just be the "made in ____" tag inside the bag.
    Here's a pic of my bow made in Turkey. Does it look much different? :wondering

    I noticed that the made in India bows posted above all look new with lots of stuffing, so it might look a bit more rigid than one with some use?
  11. Is that the white sticker tag you are referring to? Because I have just a pink MIUMIU card inside my bag and nothing else, beside a white sticker with name and serial number pasted on the dustbag.
  12. Hi, the tag is inside the inner zip pocket. U need to pull out the pocket to find the tag becos its sew inside the inner zip pocket.
  13. Hi I just bought 2 bow bags in the past 3 months and they're both made in Italy. They don't have those pleats.
  14. I have a mini bow and can't find a "Made in " tag anywhere. But my mini doesn't really have those dramatic pleats. I don't know if its because it's mini or where it was made.
  15. Its in the inner zipper pocket kind of in the crease of the stitching on the side :smile: It should be the same for the mini