PLS help me out.multi Trouville vs Speedy!

  1. i like the speedy MC but i like trouville MC more! but im just not sure if i'll like the wide of its side. so mayb anybody here can post their pictures with the Speedy and trouville which shows the side of the bag? THX~!! :wlae:
  2. i think the online catalog is helpful enough. they even hav exact measurement for most stuff featurd.

    but as for me, ill pick speedy over anything else!! enjoy ur shopping~
  3. i prefer the Trouville. i have the white one and i :heart::heart::heart: it. i don't like the Speedy because it's too big for me, and pretty heavy, and there's too much hardware going on.
  4. I have a MC white trouville and I love it mostly because of the great colors. The size is perfect and it is lightweight. The only thing I wish I could change would be to make the handles longer like the speedy so you could carry it easier on the arm. I thought that having a white MC would complete my collection, but it only made me want a black MC for the winter even more. So now I am obsessing about a Black MC.
    Good Luck with your decision, you really can't make bad one they are both great!
  5. I love the MC speedy and all of its hardware, but then again, I am nearly 5'9," so the bag wouldn't overwhelm me. If you are petit, I can totally see how you might feel like you're dragging your dad's luggage around if you carry that bag. If you look in the Visuals thread, Irene, LV_addict has the MC black speedy (i think), but I believe she is also tall, so again, if you are smaller, not a good representation.

    The Trouville is also gorgeous, though, so either one is wonderful.

    Both are on my wish list, but I doubt my Dh would spend that kind of money on a bag. He thinks he will only *feed* my obsession, which is true.
  6. mc speedy all the way.

    i was with my cousin in taiwan, and we were trying on the multicolor bags, and the trouville had such a weird opening, and im pretty skinny 100 lbs, and the handles couldnt even go up to the crook of my arm.

    but the speedy was gorgeous and she ended up getting one.
  7. Mc speedy
  8. speedy!!!:P :heart:
  9. Speedy! :flowers:
  10. Speedy!:love:
  11. another speedy vote here:yes:
  12. MC Speedy! The Trouville looks more like a makeup case than a purse to me....
  13. MC Speedy!
  14. I like the Trouville in MC much more than the Speedy.

    But for me the Trouville only worked as a handheld and not in the crook of my arm (but the Speedy worked both ways). Take a look at the visual aids thread in this subforum and try on the bags too. I hear the Speedy is a lil' heavy too.
  15. I have the white MC Trouville & I do love it. I don't have a MC speedy but I will say that I use my mono speedy 30 more than the trouville. The trouville just doesn't hold as much as I generally need at work. But I love the trouville's compact shape.