pls help me look at this cole haan phoebe

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  1. So I bought this phoebe online a couple days ago. Really love the softness and the color. But one problem, there's one section of the bag that the grain of the leather seems to be a lot smoother than the rest (see pic)... Is this considered normal? I'm not sure if I'm being crazy for thinking this is a problem... :wondering hubby said he wouldn't notice at all if I didn't mention to him...

    What do you think? Should I take it for an exchange or just stick with it? I'm worried that they are all gonna be like this...

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  2. If it bothered you enough to take the time to post it, I would just exchange it ;). That way you'll really love :heart: the bag you end up with.
  3. Leather will always have variations.... I think the pic you posted looks very nice.
  4. I don't see the problem with that. Like pidgeon said, real leather always has variations to it.
  5. If you had bought it in person I would say exchange it because you can see the replacement but since you boight it online I'd either keep or return since you can't inspect the replacement bag. Many people wouldn't notice it or call it a defect.
  6. I'm pretty much of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that, but that leather variation doesn't bother me. I've seen some bags that had heavily textured panels next to smooth and different colored panels. That really bothers me!

    But if you don't like it - I would exchange it. You are the best judge for yourself.
  7. thanks ladies~ I know leather have variations, which is why I was debating about it. I think the perfectionist in me was really taking over. :sweatdrop: now that I looked at it a few times more it doesn't seem too bad now :greengrin: I've decided to keep it, I just really love on soft this is!
  8. Hi chocoo, would you mind posting a full pic of the bag please? I went to Cole Haan today to see this in person as I was interested in it as well. The only colors on sale were white and soft gold. I really like the leather; it's so soft and smooshy but wasn't thrilled with the color choices.

    I'm curious to see yours tho! Where did you get it?

  9. Good advice all around. I'll just add that I love the Phoebe too! I recently bought a gold one. The soft leather and the little grommets at the end of the tassels are very luxe IMHO. Enjoy!