Pls help me identify this style

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    hi all Pfers! I'm new to Balenciaga and absolutley adoring all the pics of you and your bags in the reference thread. Could someone help me identify the style of this bag, including bag dimensions if possible and price. Thanks so much!
  2. It kind of looks like a Part Time. It's a little hard for me to tell because it's so slouchy -- maybe someone with a Part Time can weigh in.

    You can look at all the styles and dimensions in the Motorcycle line here:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference
  3. I think the Part-Time is a lot bigger than that. Looks like the Box to me. Btw, the Box is no longer produced.
  4. Definitely NOT the Part Time. I go with the Box on this one too.:yes:
  5. It is a flat brass first.
  6. it looks like her beloved First??:s
  7. Early season flat brass first.
  8. definitely flat brass.
    she must be using this bag a LOT! the handles look really stretched and the front zipper is always open on most of the pics, too. (it must be broken...)
  9. I think the box as well but I cant be 100% sure.
  10. it's a flat brass first from year '02 or '01!
    very rare, unlike the new ones with the studded hardware, this one is the flat brass hardware!
  11. Look more like a box to me, too. Doesn't look like it has enough height to be a first. :confused1:
  12. It is a flat brass first. It is just old and really used so the leather has become extremely slouchy. You can see how the top part is slouched so you can't see the curvature on top that is on all the firsts - its part of what makes it hard to identify.
  13. Yeah, it was the length of the handles that made me think it wasn't a first -- my first handles are SO short by comparison. She must have carried around bricks to make them that long!
  14. the length of the shoulder strap on this early 02 and 02's are longer than the years after.. :yes: