Pls help me identify this Chanel?!?

  1. Please forgive the small picture but this is the only one on the site :tdown: I think it's the cloudy bundle, not sure on the sizing does anyone know? Is it a practical bag, what does everyone think of it? Thanks :nuts:

  2. is this the same as this one?
    Sorry, I guess my eyes aren't too good, I can barely see your pic:shame:
    If it's the same as mine, it's a Vintage Ligne Tote in dark white, VERY hard to find now.
  3. mine looks taller, yours may be a E/W.
  4. Swanky bummer - I called the store and it's sold already so thanks anyway!
  5. was it the same one I posted?
  6. Twinklette,
    I believe there's one just listed on eBay.