Pls help me identify this Balenciaga Bag????

  1. Hi everyone!!! I bought this about 2 years ago, and as what I remember , they told me the leather is lambskin??? I just don't remember what is this called? & is it a limited edition?? and the color? Pls help??:confused1:
  2. I am not familiar with this one.
    If you don't get a response here, try posting in the authenticate this thread.
  3. Its called the monk i think, lovely soft leather, in a lot of different models and colours.
    But for Authentication U can better place this reply in authentice this. They are the experts.
    Good luck and welcome FX:heart:
  4. Ooh, I have one of these too, in a lighter color. It's from the Metallica line - I think the line was produced 2 seasons in a row in 06. There were satchels, and totes like this, not sure about other styles. The leather finish is identified as "monk" on the line list. It's lamb leather that's been treated in some way that makes it absolutely delicious. Don't know the color names, sorry...