pls help me find this gucci bag ...

  1. i don't have a pic but i saw it on a thread last week...celebrities and their bags (i can't find it anymore) and paris hilton was carrying it. i will describe it as best as i could.

    it is a big bag (if i would guess, it's probably 19 inches across and more than 12 inches tall) :nuts: almost like a duffle but it is structured with a base and does not close with a zip but with a flap that says Gucci in script, not block GUCCI. the script is in silver or gold print. it has 2 small buckles on the flap and the handle is rolled leather that looks like it could be used as a shoulder bag. it looked pretty wide, front to back. as for the shape, it is not square. i would say its shape is like a doctor's bag?

    i know i'm not giving you much to go on but i would really like to get this bag. the gucci site does not have it.

    it is the GG designer canvas. paris was carrying the black GG with grey background.

    pls pls help me find what this is called ... thanks so much!!!!