pls help me find this beauty

  1. I just saw the thread created by sophia618,
    and really love this wallet..!! :love:

    anyone know if it's still available?
    any idea where I could get one?

    any info would be appreciated.Thanksss

    chanel wallet.jpg
  2. thats a really pretty wallet...too bad I can't be of any help, sorry! :sad:
  3. its from the precious symbols collection and a few years chance it will be in stores. best bet is consignment shops or eBay....also late last year the chanel outlet had this line available.
  4. ^oh! so, it's precious symbols collection! i have a bag with this style and color, i didn't know what it's called. haven't used it since i bought it last year :p

  5. thx ladies...
    at the outleT???OMG! couldnt believe it...
  6. Good luck finding one. I want a new Chanel wallet too
  7. It seems like all the good/rare ones on Japanese auction site ! I am going to call my friends in Japan.

    I got new LV french purse several months ago but will definately buy Chanel wallet also !!!
  8. Lol, same here.. my LV monogram french purse is only 6 months old and I've already deserted her for a Chanel wallet.. :p
  9. hehe, you're my evil Poor french purse :crybaby: