Pls Help Me Find This Bag?

  1. I am trying to locate an isabella fiore bag but i don't know wot its called. It is green and has a skull and tags with "Goddess of souls" or something along those lines. I saw one on ebay yesterday but has since been sold and all the shops i have browsed through do not have it. Can anyone help me? :rolleyes: I Really Really want this bag.

  2. Is it the "Burried Treasure" series? It can be found on

  3. [​IMG]
  4. no thats not it? its a much larger green bag with lots of dangly skulls and tags. any other suggestions?
  5. I don't know it, but I'll keep an eye out for you!
  6. I'm thinking you are looking for this one:

    IF Dangerous Curves.JPG

    The style is called "Dangerous Curves" and is maybe a year old? It has a skull and heart charm. This is a small hobo size. I think it also came in a little biggle satchel.

    Do an ebay search for Isabella Fiore Dangerous Curves or Isabella Fiore skull and then keep both in your favorite searches. Then you can get notified if one does appear again as a listing.

    Good luck! (I sold this in January.)