Pls help me find the Jaune D’or Day in traditional hardware :-)

  1. It was sold out at BalNY and Barneys. Any idea where I could find one, no luck with local Neiman. Thanks girls.
  2. I'm also looking for one. Barneys didn't even order it in RH, and I called around to a bunch of small boutiques and most didn't order anything in jaune. I'm beginning to think that the only hope you and I have is to look overseas...
  3. Barney got me holding my breath because the SA said he found it. Turn out the other SA just messed up. Yes, I checked every bigger retailer I know carry Balenciaga but no luck. I almost gave up thinking Balenciaga didn't release one but then my friend has to flash hers that bought from BalNY when it first came out....ughhh....
    Time to call UK store :smile: I wish they came out in Twiggy too, my next choice. I almost give up and get the GH Day. You know I notice that true marigold yellow always sell so well especially in eBay in any brand so I still not giving up yet because I'm not willing to pay so much more over retail for this....
    Good luck girlie.
  4. did you try contacting AR? I think when I inquired about the color Jaune, Day was listed as an item to be received by them.
  5. Yes I did but they only have it in SGH and the rest of the Day are in other color :sad: Thanks though
  6. anyone can help me find a silver city or office ....thanks
  7. BalNY still has them in SGH city and work
  8. AR had a SGH City and an RH Work if I am not mistaken. Give them a call. GL!
  9. Two weeks ago BarneysNY had Jaune RH cities
  10. Call Barneys in Las Vegas. Ask for Kenny! He told me they are getting the Jaune color soon, don't know what styles though. He is great, very helpful!!
  11. There is a yummy Jaune pt on the bay but it has GGH I think, if anyone was looking for that combo.
  12. Hi! There's one in RDC for $1395 Jaune Marigold City...Go for it!
  13. Check RDC!
  14. Bumping there is one on ebay right now