Pls help me find Large Veneta on sale

  1. I think it's about time for me to deserve another BV bag, especially xmas just around the corner so I'm kinda desperate needed the large veneta on sale in any color. I try not to shop at Bluefly, eventho I have nothing against them.. If any one of you see any large veneta on sale, can you pls let me know.. Am I too late to check on BV store looking for sale bags? Thanks so much guys...:flowers:
  2. ^ I couldn't find the large veneta.. BTW is this store sell authentic BV? i've never heard the store name before. TIA
  3. i would like to know also. has anyone purchased BV from their store?

    i did a search on the forum and in the Fendi sub-forum many people have bought authentic Spy from them. i would just like to confirm if their BVs are indeed authentic too?

  4. Jomashop sells authentic designer items~!!

    I thought the ones they sell are large.. I guess they are medium then.. Sorry