Pls Help me Find Anthracite City???

  1. BBag Girls: Have anyone seen Anthra RH city any where? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. smalinee, Cult Status in Australia has an anthra city - their email is

    The retail price for a City in CS is AUD$1723 if it's going to be exported overseas.

  3. I was going to say that I think that will be hard to find, so I'm glad JadeLeaves has a source for you (though that's pricey -- almost 1500 USD.) It was already a hunt for an RH anthracity back in July.
  4. what about an anthra brief in ggh? i saw one at Barney's BH.
  5. Thanks girls. $1500 is too pricey for me.. I dont have a black bbag. So, I think Anthracite would be great. I want it to be neutral.. I prefer a RH city. So, I will wait til it turns up... Thanks again. Merry X' Mas.