pls help me find a red chanel flap!!

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  1. hey girls, im from australia and its sooooooo hard to get hold of a red classic flap whenever they do come in... anyone know where i can get the red in any size with the old chain?

    any help will be much appreciated! and also, does anyone know if they will be making a red for next season? i only like bright reds, not dark red =)
  2. I'll be going to Saks and NEiman's tomorrow, I'll ask for you....:heart:H
  3. From CJJ's update from Saks' Chanel Trunk Show, I don't think they are making any bright red flaps, but they will be making a very bright red clutch? She didn't go into much detail about it though. I wish I could tell you more but I missed the trunk show in SF.
  4. Chanel, and Saks have as limited number for the 07P season a beautiful true red color in the Classic Jumbo, and small clasic caviar letaher or they call it east west style with the new bijoux chain straps, but are now only on wait list. Good luck in your search.
  5. ^ Ooooh, no medium size? Is it the same red as the red classic flap from this current season (the one with the new chains?)
  6. No just Classic Jumbo and the smaller size of the medium (east west it looks just like the medium classic but it does not have the double flap)
  7. re: medium red lambskim,make to ask the seller for more pictures as the 3 pictures that are posted it are very small.
  8. I saw one in Chanel hong kong.. you should call them and ask
  9. I believe I saw a couple @ the Chanel on Rodeo Drive in CA last week while I was there. Good luck!