Pls. help me find a koi fish charm

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  1. Ladies, I am so jealous to those who have recently purchase the leather koi fish charm. You see, last july 4th was my birthday and all i asked from my husband was that charm. I made him call 2 boutiques (even if i already did) and then he called 1 outlet (the one in jeffersonville) and none of them can find one for me. We even go the boutique that afternoon, I end up getting something else. This morning, I called JAX, still nothin' :sad: There is one in *bay but almost $60 with shipping!
  2. i think this is in the wrong thread. i know i saw someone did a reveal and got one at the outlet just recently. try doing a charge send? the one on the bay is 55 bin. good luck!
  3. I have only seen them on Ebay or Bonanzle and there are none on Bonanzle right now...

    I have seen them at the outlet on occasion but it is rare and far between
  4. Have you tried calling any other outlets? Even if they are far away, if you want it a lot maybe you can find an outlet near a family member or some friends.
  5. I've been looking for one for weeks. They are just not at the outlets around me at all. I'm hoping they just haven't gotten their shipment yet.
  6. I got mine 2 weeks ago and there were 2 left at the Potomac Mills Outlet in VA when I was there but honestly I have no idea if they still have any or if they do charge sends...good luck in finding one....I have been hunting this charm down for monthes and I was actually very suprise I found it finally at the outlet...
  7. I been looknig for one too, but just at my local outlet.
    I thought this was a MFF item, but it sounds as if it's not, based on the first post.

    I was hoping my outlet just didn't get them yet and they'd be sent en masse.
  8. The Destin Fla. outlet had a bunch of these last week. Not sure if they do charge sends or not.
  9. I think the one one the keyring was a FP release, the one with the dogleach clip was outlet release. Or something like that.
  10. There was one in a reveal from a Las Vegas outlet purchase over the 4th of July weekend. Good luck!
  11. Yes, I bought one at the Las Vegas Outlet for $19. Maybe your outlet will eventually have them. Some outlets are slower in bringing products out.
  12. Kills me that they're at some outlets... mine never gets anything good :sad:
  13. Happy belated birthday! Call as many outlets as possible--some may ship it to a closer outlet, or perhaps you can call outlets near family and have them pick it up and ship it to you. I know for purses, they can do a search and locate which nearby stores have it and how many they have; perhaps they can do that for fobs as well? good luck!!!
  14. I'm going to call the outlets tomorrow!
  15. Which are you looking for the, fob or dogleash one? Someone definitely just revealed one. I haven't seen any at my outlets.