Pls help me figure out the name of a Coach bag I have to have :)

  1. I'm usually just a lurker, but I'm desperate :yes: !
    I don't own any Coach bags (have a few LVs, ColeHaans, Burberrys, etc) but I saw this bag the other day that I have to have!!!

    I was in Whole Foods with my sunglasses on and this woman had a bag in the cart that I liked so much I stopped her to ask her what it was. She said it was Coach and that she got it at an outlet store in New England over the summer. She wasn't all that friendly and kinda left after that. I'm almost positive it was a messenger, which is what I like the best about it.
    It was black (either leather or leather/suede (had sunglasses on)), and it had blue stitching and a fabric strap that was black and tan with matching blue stitching. It was not Coach Signature.

    I did some ebay searching and I think it may be part of the Coach Hampton's line but I couldn't fine the exact bag. It's not on Coach's website, which I didn't expect since she said she got it at an outlet. I called my closest outlet and the girl was slightly clueless and said there was nothing currently resembling what I was describing. So my best bet is to figure out what it is and keep watching ebay. Or I can stalk Whole Foods, hoping this woman will show up again, and offer to buy it :yes:

    It's similiar to this item, but I remember it as much better and REALLY hope it was truly a messenger.
    eBay: Authentic COACH HAMPTONS WEEKEND TOTE #8F25 (item 160040478324 end time Oct-16-06 12:58:55 PDT)

    Thanks so much if you read through all this rambling. I hope someone can tell me what it is I'm frantically searching for and whether it came in a messenger version.

  2. No, it was more of a square. But thanks for the help.
  3. ooh, ooh.. we're definitely getting closer :yahoo:

    Did you find that on Coach's website??? It looks like satin though and I don't think the one I saw was satin. It also looks slightly less messenger than I recall, but definitely it's the same line (colors, stitching, etc).

    Really, thanks so much for your help... :smile:
  4. I've been snooping around eBay looking for different shapes and then pulling the photos from Coach's website. The Hamptons collection isn't satin, it's very smooth nylon that has kind of a slight sheen to it - I don't really know how else to describe it. It's definitely not satin, though.

    I'll look some more and see what I can come up with. You also might want to call a Coach outlet to see if they can figure out what bag that was.
  5. Do you have a Marshalls near you or ones in the area you can call? I saw this Hamptons black with the stripey strap in 1)Tote 2) Crescent hobo shape at the Designer Handbag Event that just started at Marshall's. Maybe some Marshall's got the messenger...?

    I am probably hitting 1 or 2 outlets in NH next week, if I see one I will PM you and you can call them.
  6. The only thing I can think of is the hamptons weekend baby bag...i have it and love it. could also be a line exclusive to the outlets...good lucky on your search.
  7. That's the second drilldown link that I posted and that was the closest I could find.
  8. ???? am I missing something here? the auction page tells you the name and the model number. also go to I bought this bag for a friend of mine and she loves it.
  9. ^Those both look like they could be messenger bags - hopefully one of them is the bag she's looking for!! Good job!
  10. Thanks everyone, ESPECIALLY Mokoni.
    It's definitely the right line, I just thought it seemed more messenger-like. I guess I need to see the baby bag model IRL to see if the size is similiar, and if so, that's probably it.
    I can't wait to call my Marshall's tomorrow and see if they have them!

    I really can't tell you all how much I appreciate all of your help. I'm probably considerably older than you all (hint: I actually would be able to use the baby bag as intended), so this idea of tracking something down online, with online help in an online community with people similiarly bag-obsessed, is new for me and really great!
    Hopefully I'll be able to return the favor someday. In the meantime, if I succeed at finding this bag, I'll let you all know and post pics.

  11. What kind of prices? :nuts: