Pls help me Decide

  1. I'm digging both of them and recently got rid of my last burberry. I miss it and was wondering if either of these would be a good replacement.

    [​IMG]Quilted check tote

    [​IMG]Hobo in house sparkly shimmer check
  2. I vote for the first one-quilted
  3. I think I like the 1st one better but it is close
  4. I might get one of these burberry bags. The first one is a sparkly-ish hobo and the other is a quilted tote.

    Which do you like better?



  5. Shu, another bag? lol

    Do you like the crescent shape or tote shape better? Which style do you own the most and the least of?
  6. They're both gorgeous. I think it really depends on the use of the bag, the 2nd one looks more like an everyday bag and seems you can stuff more. The 1st one is more for informal nights out instead.
  7. Need to merge threads...
  8. 1st bag!
  9. I know it's tough...I like both shapes...I just realized I posted this twice. I'm a dunce.
  10. Addy - yup threads need to be merged...I f-ed up
  11. I like the hobo.
  12. I like the first one.
  13. I vote for the hobo.
  14. I like the tote! :yes:
  15. I like the quilted tote!