Pls help me decide

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  1. Prefer Alma Lv
  2. The Alma has my vote. The Mulberry might not be made in England and if that's the case then it's way too much money to spend on a luxury good that may come from Turkey or China (no disrespect to either country).
  3. Alma BB gets my vote
  4. alma bb🏻
  5. Another vote for Alma BB!
  6. Definitely Alma.
  7. The LV Bag😉
  8. Alma bb!
  9. Definitely the alma, it is so beautiful. That Mulberry is cute but the style is done by everyone!
  10. Hi, it's not surprising that I think everyone except myself voted Mulberry in the Mulberry forum and voted LV in the LV forum. Well I'll vote again and even though I own a black Mulberry Lily which I love, I slightly love the Alma bb more.
  11. Mulberry !!!
  12. Alma bb !!!!!!!! More classic , imo :smile:
  13. Alma bb!
  14. This is the LV forum so I think the majority will be in favor of the Alma. I personally don't care for Mulberry in general so Alma gets my vote!!