Pls. help me decide

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  1. Hello,
    I'm considering buying 2 brown bags for my mum as Christmas present, one as everyday bag and one for special occasions.
    I found these at
    alviero martini 119.00 €
    coccinelle 74.00 €
    lamarthe 70.00 €
    lamarthe everyday 90.00€
    lamarthe small 94.00

    i like the leather of Coccinelle because it doesn't seems too delicate, but i also love all Lamarthe!
    Consider that my mum is quite rude with her everyday bags, but stores perfectly all those she doesn't wear often.
    Any comment is much appreciate!

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  2. Nice choices, Maryg! I'd go for No: 2 and 5. Is bag No: 5 very small?
  3. that's the combination I was thinking of!
    #5 is cm 31x10x20, so it's more medium than small.
    # 2 is cm 31x12x25, handle is 65, a very everyday bag.
  4. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. They're all classic and good colors. What a nice daughter you are!
  5. i like the 2nd & 3rd
  6. I especially like #2 and #5. What a lucky mother to have such a thoughtful daughter!
  7. I'd choose number 2 or 3 personally! lol it looks like everyone has different choices!
  8. I like 2 and 3 as well. All very good choices though!
  9. I love the last one! Very classy.
  10. Thank you all!:love: I ordered the 2nd and the 5th (Coccinelle and small Lamarthe), they will arrive next week.
    Hope they are nice IRL and my mum likes them.
    Now the problem is: they will be delivered when I'm at work, so my mum will probably collect them for me...I must make up something when she will enquire about the box...:ninja:
  11. 1) You could take off from work

    2) If it is addressed to you, just say thanks and walk away

    3) Tell her it's a surprise and to wait to Christmas.


    4) Just let her open it and enjoy it right there and then.

    There are merits to each one, but I highly doubt you can keep it a secret ESPECIALLY since you are having it delivered at your house. Maybe next time you will have presents delivered to your job, a neighbor, a friend - someone who is trust worthy and will not spill the beans.
  12. My desk at work groans with Christmas presents, my best friend has recently housed a chemistry set for my daughter's birthday and our neighbour had a new bike for my son in his garage last year - friends and neighbours - gotta love 'em!
  13. 2 and 3..both are nice!
  14. I think I will tell her:"Curiosity killed the cat!".
    So she will understand it's present for her but will die to know what's inside the box...hi hi