Pls Help me Decide!

  1. Hi everyone! im having a hard time deciding between these two bags, maybe you guys could give me some opinions?your help is greatly appreciated! well i want a brown color bag, my options are either

    1) Miu Miu soft calf frame bag
    Miu Miu - Soft Frame Bag -

    2) chloe paddington in chocolate
    i dont have pictures of it yet, but they are available on the chloe forum.

    WHICH of the above two do u reckon looks better? THANKS HEAPS:yes:
  2. I like the Miu Miu one a lot. It's very large though, 17" wide, so if you prefer a larger bag, I think it's great.
  3. I prefer the MM as well.
  4. That is really hard, I love them both, but I guess I will have to say Paddington, but just by a little.
  5. I like the Miu Miu a little bit better
  6. I like both, but I think the Miu Miu's more me. :yes:
  7. I say the Miu Miu because it could fit allot more and seems more classic looking.
  8. chloe paddy
  9. oh i didnt realise it was that big! as i have not seen it IRL, well im only 5 feet 3, i wonder if the miu miu bag being 17 inches will look silly on me?
  10. I love the Miu Miu best. Such a rich lovely colour.

    I live in London and the Chloe is very popular here, I seem to see it everywhere. The Miu Miu is more uncommon.
  11. Chloe paddington is my fav.. the MM is classic looking too though. You have to decide if you want to look classic or trendy.
  12. since you are only 5 feet 3, go for paddy chloe :yes: