PLS. help me decide

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PLS. help me decide

  1. black exotic embossed carryall

  2. embossed audrey in purple

  3. embossed audrey in grey

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. hello husband is bringing me to Coach outlet this coming friday. i have 3 bags on hold and i cant decide which one to get. FYI i already have the embossed carryall in grey and the black embossed maggie. should i get all 3 or should i get something else from the fp store. TIA Ladies!
  2. You already have gray and I would get the purple audrey for variety.
  3. Since you already have the black and grey embossed, go for the purple. I am sooo biased, but I can't help it! I love her so much! Every time I look at it, I love it more!! You will not be disappointed!!
  4. Since you already have the embossed grey carryall and the embossed black maggie, I voted for the embossed purple audrey for a little variety. But it also depends on what you wear. Would you be able to wear a purple bag with your wardrobe?
  5. I'm biased, but I say the Audrey in purple. Seriously already have a grey embossed and a this would be totally different!
  6. Purple Audrey. I have to agree with everyone else you have 2 other emossed madisons in grey and black already.
  7. i like wearing black. the purple audrey should stand out in black..thanks for helping me decide.

  8. Well, I voted for all three. More for your money, than buying at FP.
  9. We have the same tastes:graucho:, I have a bone croc carryall and a black croc Maggie ... I picked up the purple Audrey yesterday to add some color to my croc family. I think the purple Audrey would be perfect for you ... it is a beautiful bag IRL! GL with your decision!