Pls help me decide..

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  1. hello everyone!!

    I just wanna ask for your support.. pls help me decide if i should get the navy blue reissue in 227 or will just passed it out.. i have like until this afternoon to decide..
    i already have the 227 Blk Metallic though, it just arrived earier this month.. and im lovin it.. and im still on the list for the 227 purple.. but hasnt arrived yet.. you think its ok to passed the navy blue this time? is it a good decision to let go of that? and im thinkin maybe ill replace that one with the new timeless classic in orange color(a little bit of lite red and orange combination) in jumbo.. pls help me.. thanks so much.. i appreciate your time..
    Orange Red timeless classic in Lambskin.jpg
  2. I like the blue the most but it sounds as though you really don't want it. I prefer the blue to the purple to be perfectly honest, however, that flap you posted is beautiful. I'd probably be tempted to go for that if you don't get the blue reissue.
  3. I prefer the bright pop of colour with the red/orange, but it seems like most gals on here love the navy reissues... I think the red/orange would look amazing when you're wearing outfits with white, black, neutrals... just about anything!

  4. hey sis!!

    thanks for your reply.. actually, those were the 3 colors that i have my name be listed..but since my husband was tellin me that the navy blue would perhaps look like blk at night, so i was caught up.. i also love the navy, gosh!! but im trying to convince myself to get easy on those things coz there will still be more to come though.. that is why im venting it out here.. thanks so much.. i appreciate your time..

  5. hey sis!!

    i know!! thats a pretty nice color too!! i dont have red thats why im really craving for one.. did you by any chance seen this one? thanks so much!!
  6. Ooo... this is hard because I'm an advocate for the Navy reissue. But I'm a bigger advocate for getting what is more suitable to you. Since you already have the metallic black and will be getting the purple 227, maybe you should get something different (that isn't metallic or reissue style) like the red-orange bag. I think it's a very unique color that would be very pretty to match w/ outfits. -But in the end you should go with your gut, if you do get the orange jumbo, you shouldn't feel bad about missing out on the navy because you already have 2 other gorgeous metallic reissues from 2/2 08. -Good luck!
  7. i think ur husband its rite .. black its much like navy well i know that its not really it does has a lil touch of diff dat makes it a nice blue.. but i mean as in the color scale.. its always a dark color.. u have a black one.. n waitin for purple.. so it means if u buy this orange redish one ull have a variety of colors dat can go with the basic neutral colors like black or white.. i honestly have a non constant opinions of colored bags.. i think they have advantage and disadvantage so sumxs i say yea n sumxs no.. but u seem to like to have several choices.. n by havin alot of colors from dark to bright would be a gud choice.. bottom line i think u should juz get maybe this orange/red one or another color one u may like ..since the navy its another 227 n a dark color .. dat way u can have a variety mainly of colors.. :flowers:
  8. I love the one in the pic!
  9. I like the navy one, but if you don't really, really love it, don't get it. There will be other ones, I'm sure.
  10. hey janny,

    thanks for your time.. Im praying that one too that i wont feel bad if id miss tha navy.. but i think, its just fair not to feel bad though coz as what youve said i already have those 2 gorgeous colors already(purple still on its way) i guess its time for me to get another shade of color since i still dont have the red one.. thanks so much for your time janny.. i appreciate it..
  11. thank you to all of you who shared their thoughts and opinion.. now i can call my SA.. thanks again.. very much appreciated.. God Bless you all!!
  12. I definitely vote for the pop of color though I like the blue reissue better than the purple.
  13. Oh def the navy! For me, I'd take the navy over purple and over the orange anytime. Yup even tho you already have the MB. The navy is such a unique colour and much much nicer than the orange in comparison (not that the orange is not 'nice').