pls help me decide.....

  1. hi ladies and gents,

    i'm in a little dilemma here....

    so, i've decided to cross over to the orange side.:smile: i started with my first H-bag last december....and have recently sold most of my non-H bags to fund my little family (although nothing like other member's fabulous collections:shame:smile:.

    now, i'm facing a decision on whether to get a black kelly jpg clutch or black vintage kelly28. i'm looking for a bag to replace my medium/large lambskin chanel classic flap. this would be my last purchase for a while:sweatdrop:...."purse ban" starts after this:angel:

    at the moment i've 2 kelly32 (1brown box&1brique chamonix), 1massaiGM, & 1 herbagMM.

    thanks in advance for looking...any advise would be greatly appreciated:heart:.
  2. I would rather get a new black JPG Kelly. The JPG Kelly is a real gem:tup:.
  3. Gosh, you've got a really nice collection!

    It's really hard to say which choice. I guess it depends on how you will be using the bag. Is it for evenings out? Do you need a shoulder strap?
  4. for evening out
  5. I think I would go with the new JPG clutch, then. :tup:
  6. Maria, You have a fabulous and diverse collection. Both of the bags you are considering are beautiful. I'm partial to the kelly 28 and would go for a black box sellier myself just because I currently don't lead a clutch life.
    I dress my 28 up and she is on the dressed down side!
  7. The Kelly 28. :smile: Good luck with whatever you decide, maria. :smile:
  8. i'm actually also thinking of the kelly longue (spelling?) or mini kelly (20/25).

    would a kelly28 look to big for a formal evening occasion? i'm sorry for all the questions....i just don't want to rush into making decisions as this would be my last one for a while.
  9. You are asking such a GREAT question...don't feel bad.

    I Love the Kelly 28 and 32. The Kelly 28 would be more versatile like Rockerchic said. Also, you can get an extra strap for the vintage Kelly once it arrives and use it casually, or for the evening.

    I LOVE the JPG Kelly clutch and it has a little handle, but I don't like to leave things lying around much when I'm at an evening would worry about it. Plus, I always carry my "kitchen sink" in my this wouldn't do.

    Good Luck, hopefully I didn't confuse you more.
  10. My newest favorite is the KL...

    For evenings out...all work for dress casual... What type of dress/event are you considering?
  11. I would go for a 28 Kelly Sellier :yes: !
    But I'm not a clutch girl ...
  12. yes, i'm liking the KL too....

    i've no event to attend to at the moment, but i'd like to own at least one black evening bag. before i sold my black lambskin chanel flap, i've also only used her once since i bought her...but i think it's necessary to have one evening bag in case needed.

    what is the current retail for a KL at the moment?
  13. I would go for the Kelly Clutch for evening. Something different other than a handbag which is what I like about mine.:heart:
    Kelly Mini JPG Clutch #1.jpg Kelly Mini JPG Clutch #2.jpg
  14. ^:love::love:

    i think i should go for the jpg kelly clutch, cause even my dh commented "nice" when i showed him picture of it. he doesn't normally compliments my bags (he's indifferent), but this one he seemed keen on. and i think black would be my definite choice....
  15. Right around $4K if I recall correctly (just under w/ tax?) this bag... : )