Pls Help Me Decide...

  1. My husband told me that he will buy me a LV bag as a gift! :yahoo: I just can't decide which one to pick! HELP!!! I already have a MC Speedy 25, MC Petit Noe, Illovo Damier, Gucci (bucket type) bag. I was eyeing the Azur Damier Speedy 30 since I don't have anything of that color. But since I have MC Speedy 25 which I like, do you think I should choose other styles? I like BH too and the Palermo PM! I really don't care if it is a hand held bag or shoulder bag but I would want to put more stuff in it that I can use everyday and not that super expensive. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Will be waiting!
  2. I vote for the Azur speedy 30! I have four speedies! It's affordable and will be a great everyday bag!
  3. Hi welcome to the forum =) How about the Saleya Azur, or Damier Hampstead, or the ..... hmmmm there are so many bags to choose from. The Palermo PM is a good choice too. Take pics of your new LV!
  4. I know there are just too many choices!!! It is driving me crazy!:hysteric:I like the Azur Speedy 30 bec. It is affordable compared to the other bags but what about color transfer? To those who own the Azur, have you had any problems with it?
  5. what about azur saleya? or tivoli ? or palermo? those are on the top of my wanting list right now =P
  6. ^^^ Hon, LV didn't make a Multicolore Speedy 25, it only came out in 30 ... do you mean Monogram (Mono)?

    Regardless, how about LV's other lines ~ Vernis, Epi or Suhali? There's a bunch of LE's coming out too. You should go to a boutique and have a looksie, I'm sure you won't leave empty handed:graucho:
  7. Trevi pm if you can get your hands on it.
  8. Azur speedy!!! I have it and love it!
  9. Do you prefer shoulder or handheld bags ? I think you need to think about that first to really narrow it down ! :yes:
  10. Azur Speedy or Neverfull MM.
  11. Azur speedy or Palermo.

    The palermo is nice because you can carry lots in it and it has a zipper to keep things from falling out of your bag...

    I have an Azur speedy 30 and Azur Saleya MM and haven't had any issues with colour tranfer
  12. if you like the azur canvas, you should get one. If you like the speedy, get the azur speedy, I think the azur speedy looks cuter in 25. Although you have the mono speedy 25, its like a different bag altogether IMO. Otherwise, perhaps the saleya in azur?
  13. Ooops...:roflmfao:my bad, i meant mono.
  14. I love the Palmero, but I agree if you live close to the boutique it is worth going in to look around as there are loads of LE and other new items coming in all the time.
  15. I like Palermo and Damier Trevi :smile: