pls help me decide!!!

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  1. hi everyone! pls help me decide which lv i should be getting. the damier papillon 26 or the mini lin bucket bag? how about for the pochette accessories? the mono pochette accessories or the multicolor pochette accessories? pls help!!! :confused1:
  2. I'll go for Mini lin bucket and MC pochette accessories :rolleyes:
  3. Mini Lin Bucket and MC Pochette.
  4. I second that.
  5. Same here - mini lin bucket & MC pochette.
  6. Mini Lin Bucket for me (Papillon's opening is a bit small and it will scratch all other stuff!:cursing:) and MC accessories pochette coz it's cute!:graucho:
  7. thanks so much everyone! i really appreciate it.. thanks!:yahoo:
  8. Mini Lin bucket & Mc pouch acc :smile:
  9. Damier Papillon and MC Pochette
  10. The Mini Lin Bucket & MC Pochette Accessories hard out!
  11. I third that? :p
  12. damier papillon :tup:
  13. I LOVE mini lin, and the fact that the bucket already has the pochette with it, makes me want it even more !!!!!
  14. Mini Lin Bucket and MC pochette
  15. I vote for these two as well :tup: