me decide with this clutch

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    I have been eyeing on this beautiful clutch at Shopbop for the past few days and have been undecided whether to pick this one or buy the Black Mac Clutch with gold hardware at other website. At the moment I only have 1 Rebecca Minkoff clutch and it is a mini snake aqua that I only used ONCE and kinda regret buying :sad: I find it hard to pair with my clothes.. I have so many questions and I hope some of you here could help me decide with your honest views and opinions. I would truly appreciate :smile:

    What do you think of this clutch, the size, style, color and the price ?
    Do you think this is a versatile bag for all seasons ? I don't own a style like this and soon it'll be Summer season here.
    Should I wait for a SALE on Shopbop or should I just go for it ?
    Do you think it's a trendy bag ?
    Please please please help.. I've been losing sleep drooling on the online stores for hours LOL :biggrin:


    Also,anyone here who own the same bag and have a modelling pic ? I would be interested to view..TY.
  2. i love it, buy it lol

    its so unique

    there are many rm bags lately with this navajo aztec style that i cant stand but this one i love

    i think the color is fabulous and it would match a lot

    its also a color that would be fine in spring, summer, and fall.. winter not so sure about it

    id choose this over black, but then again.. i have a lot of black

  3. thank you for commenting.. Can I ask ..What do you find unique on this style ? :smile: If I won't be able to reply.. I'll reply later.. thanks
  4. I personally would not buy it becaues it's nms. That's me though. I think black will never go out of style and you can match it with anything. But I would get black with silver hw because it's my all time favorite combo. :cool:
  5. I wouldn't buy it either... it would go with nothing in my wardrobe or my personal style. IMO, it looks like a cute bag for summer but not so much for winter (although some people could pull it off!) - so with that said, I would only buy it on sale.

    If you really want it, go for it!
  6. the overall design to it, most macs are solid leather with no design , just one color
  7. thank you for the comment.. But what is nms ??
  8. Sorry, it means not my style. MACs are great bags, but that particular one isn't my style, so take my comment with a grain of salt. :smile:
  9. I love that bag and think it's lovely, but I would be super hesitant to spend full price on a bag I was iffy on. That said, lots of places like have a great return policy (I'm not super familiar with Shopbop, so I'm not sure if they do), so you may be able to bring it home and return it if you find it doesn't seem to work with your wardrobe.

  10. Oh wow !!! Really 20 % OFF ??? I have been drooling of the Rebecca Minkoff Black MAC Clutch.. Gold or Silver chain... Honestly I love Silver chain more bec. my clothes are more casual these days and I wear silver accessories most of the time. I have been eyeing the Black Mac clutch ,not the MINI one.. The one Big black MAC clutch where every Minkettes own.. :roflmfao:
    Although, I am so confused which is which ..I see there's a Replenish,quilted ones etc.. Pls. help.. me..
  11. thank you.. I think I don't need this bag for now.. LOL. My first love is the Black MAC clutch not the mini one.. It's on my wishlist..

  12. thank you. I have never tried Endless as I always order stuff from Shopbop bec. they deliver the goods so fast like 3 days or 4. I am hesitant now that you mentioned the full price.. Maybe I will pass ? hmmmm
  13. I like this bag.. What is the complete name of this bag and is this the Mini or Mac ? Any help where I could find this online to ship to Japan ? [​IMG]
  14. hi lucky! this is definitely a regular MAC w/ silver hw! u can tell the size by the number of hardware "feet" on the bottom of the bag.... regular has 5 feet, and mini has 4 feet :p

    check this out!

    it's a gorgeous pebbled black MAC w/ silver hw! is having a 20% deal right now w/ code ACCESS20 and they ship internationally! :biggrin: