Pls help me decide! Should I wait or not?

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  1. Hello ladies! Please help me with this painful decision..

    I fell in love with the Peggy Vitello 2 years ago but never got to buying it because i was afraid it was an impulse buy. But when i finally did decide to buy it, i was told that it was out of stock.

    But as we all know, the new fall 2009 has relaunched the Peggy as the Bruciato Shoulder Bag. I would have bought it in a heartbeat if not for my friends telling me that they have seen the (old) Peggy going for 40% off during the sales. But I only want the bag in dark brown but i don't think the dark brown went on sale?

    40% would mean a lot to me because i'm still a college student but i would kill myself if i waited till the end of the year for the sales only to be told it's out of stock! :s


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  2. Bohokuh, I know how you fell, that's how I felt about the coffer in zaffiro, I bought at full price and wasn't able to ever find it again (except for ebay) so if I were you, and if it is not going to get your in serious debt, I"d go for long as you keep saving your money and don't overspend in other things, it's ok to enjoy and have a bag you really want
  3. Bohokuh, if u really like it, u should go for it ... i can understand how u feel ... i miss out the spring limited edition harquelin bag last Mar 08 ... till now, i still regret for pondering too much at that time ... :sad:

    by the way, do u stay in Singapore? if you are waiting for the sales, it will be 1st week of Dec in sg ... I went to the private sales this june ... there are many nice bags on sales during that four days and were snatched up v fast ... though they do repenish stock for the public sales, there are not many variety of bags left ... unless u line up first thing in the morning to go in ... maybe u get to see more items ... if not, u order from states ...

    even if this bag is really on sales, u have get to enjoy your bag to your fullest from jul till then ...

    well, decision is yours! ;) keep us update ya!
  4. If you love it, buy it, but I know how you feel. A bargain is always a bargain..
  5. If you really love it, get it now. Coz if the sales come & the bag is not part of the selection, then you will go on a mad scramble to hunt one. If you think you can risk not getting it, then wait. For me, if I wait, I would end up losing the love for it. Then it would feel OK even if I don't get it. GL!
  6. It's a lovely bag and a classic colour. If you really like it, you should get it now.
  7. You've loved the bag for 2 years. That itself is a sign. I would say go for it. I know money is a huge issue but I think you'll really cherish this bag for many years to come. Get the exact one you want and enjoy it :smile:
  8. Hey bohokuh,
    I have/had the same problem with the harlequin bag, so I would go get your dream bag.
    You´ve been waiting for two years and you might regret waiting again. As long as you don´t go into debt, I´d say get it ;)