pls help me decide: quilted white blake or striped choc. brown hudson

  1. I think they are equally heavy. Maybe the blake could be slightly heavier...but they are pretty much the same IMO.
  2. i believe the blake is heavier, because of the suede lining and double pushlocks. If you get the hudson from a dept store, then it'll definitely be lighter because of the canvas lining on both side sections.
  3. Hudson is a heavy bag if you usually wear Balenciaga's motorcycle bags, LV's canvas bags, Prada's nylon bags. If you are used to typical MJ bags and Chloe Paddington styles, you will be okay. =)

    I'm a big Blake fan, you will be able to get it in Black and White for quite some time. Quitled Blake is still made for Resort 06 and Spring 07 (might have to recheck that thread), however, recent quilted styles are lined with canvas instead of suede.

    Hudson and the styles from the Striping line were only made for Fall 06 (once they are sold out, they are gone), teal leather lining is nice! Go for Hudson! =)
  4. i agree with bag.lover....i broke down and bought a hudson because it isn't one of MJ's signature styles, so once it's gone, it's gone. too pretty a bag to miss out on :smile:
  5. Both are gorgeous bags, so IMO, you just can't go wrong with either!
  6. I'd vote for the Hudson too, due to the availability factor!
  7. Dark Brown and Black Hudsons have sold out at Marc Jacobs stores. There are 5 Chili and quite a few Chestnut Hudsons left in the company.
  8. definitely hudson
  9. i vote for hudson too, and not just because i ordered one today! i don't have a blake, but when i started researching/learning about MJ bags, the blake was definitely my first choice. funny that i ended up with a venetia, zip bowler and hudson (yet to arrive...). but it does depend on your preference and style--mine's kinda classic but funky and i'm lucky that i work in a biz that appreciates some funk--but if you want a bag that you could bring absolutely anywhere (except for a grape juice factory/winery--white's not too forgiving!) maybe the blake's more for you?

    argh. did i just make it worse? ;)
  10. Definitely hudson! Did you check out shoppingsmycard's pics?? That is one gorgeous bag!