Pls help me decide! Need coin purse today!

  1. Hey my wonderful PFers..

    I need your advice because I am no longer thinking straight. I want a coin purse because I've recently discovered that others have been "saving" their purses by holding their change in coin purses. I think this is a great idea and I want to start doing the same.

    Originally I was going to get the Damier Koala small card holder (which can double as a coin purse). I loved the red interior and the cute koala clasp at the front.

    But then the groom line came out.. and I'd love a LE piece, plus the Porte Monnaie Ronde is sooo cute! and I think the roundness/softness and the larger zipper length would make it easier to get coins in/out of?

    But then I heard the Porte Monnaie Ronde would come out in Mini Lin in January - so should I hold out for that?

    and after looking on e-lux - the White MC Porte Monnaie Plat looks awesome too! How does it keeps the coins in tho?

    and now that I see the new white MC pochette (flat clutch thing) that suzie got... maybe I should get that instead? It looks SOOOO adorable.

    Or what about the white MC wapity? I had decided against this at first b/c I thought it would be hard to get coins in and out of it?

    So help me! Which one should I get???? I'm thinking of going to LV after work today so any advice I can get in the next 4 hours would be amazing!!!

    Thanks all!
  2. They are all such nice choices, but I would go with the Groom since it is limited. I currently use a Coach coin purse that is on my is cute, funtional and I got it on sale!!
  3. Oh gosh, I'm never any help with these type of decisions. I always want it all & can't make up my mind either.
    The Groom is limited & it is pretty large so it will hold a lot of change. I really like the MC plat, but it is small & thin so it really doesn't hold much change. The new MC pouch is cute & will hold a lot but the WAPITY is awesome & multifunction I love mine!! I also love my Groom Rond.......
    I told you I am no help at all :upsidedown: sorry.
  4. Go for the Groom! It's too cute!
  5. I would go for the Groom. :heart:
  6. I would get the groom, it is limited and way cute! and then get a mc wapity. You will find use for the Wapity like when you go out for a night and don't want a big bag, I love my black one! so then if you get the groom it scratches out the mini lin.. and you can get the flat poche in mc later on
  7. My vote for groom...
  8. Go for groom !

    I think the material of the mini lin is fairly delicate, plus it'll be part of the permanent line. Get something that's limited ! :yes:

  9. haha.. taco - you're my kind of person! I wish I could get everything, but then again - I guess that would make it not as fun. Having to wait and decide helps me make sure I love the stuff I get and use them!

    Thanks for the info on the MC plat. Coming from Canada - everything less than $5 is coins - so I need something that can store a lot. At times I'm carrying around $10-$20 in change!!
  10. Groom groom groom!

    I wouldn't recommend the Mini Lin because until now, I can't justify paying for the material. It's kind of disappointing to me because I expected more. :sad: But that's just me. :smile:

    GO with what you like! The Damier Koala is actually kind of heavy for a change purse and the buckle gets scratched easily... however, I'd go for the yummy red interior!
  11. I would definately go for the groom :yes:
  12. hi again!:smile:
    the wapity, i agree is not practical for change.:sad:
    the groom line round would totally work!
    the new mm pouchette i got would totally work too.
    but i also got the small white mc for coins alone. i think you should go in and try them all! only way to find out!:upsidedown:

    have fun!
  13. Thanks for the advice/comments everyone! :yes: You guys are awesome! :yahoo: It sounds like the Groom Porte Monnaie Ronde is the popular choice.

    I've been playing phone tag with my SA at LV today, so I'll be giving her a call and seeing if they even have any of those left in stock.

    Just curious - nobody mentioned anything about the Damier Koala Small/Card/Coin wallet. Is that because no one likes it?

    ayla - have you gotten your Groom Ronde yet??

    You know what I was just dreaming about... if they had the Porte Monnaie Ronde in Mirroir - wouldn't that be awesome? :girlsigh: :tender:
  14. Yeah *sigh* - I had high hopes for the mini lin - I was hoping that it would be the ultimate Speedy cuz it would have the monogram, but it would also have dark handles so no worry of Vachetta - but unfortunately, it was so "push/touch it and it will lose its shape" kind of feel to it. :sad:
  15. Not yet.. it'll be later rather than sooner since I'm going to try to get it directly from France ! :yes:

    I guess people just overwhelmingly prefer the groom cles to the damier one ! :graucho: