pls help me decide, my first chloe!!

  1. Hi ladies, i am new to chloe. and saw this 2 cute chloe bag today. one is paddington black, one is small betty black patent. i like both, but have hard time to decide which one i want :confused1::sweatdrop:... i dont have pic of the betty small black patent, but will post pic of the black paddington here... plsss help me decide??!! thank you so much for your input...:p ( they both perfect size for me, because i am petite , and i can actually carry them both over shoulder)... thank youuuu.....:heart:
  2. this is the black paddington that for sale 40% off at Nordstrom. orginal price 1800 usd. the betty patent small also on sale. :nuts:
  3. Tough choice! I would say get the paddy because it is the quintessential Chloe bag. BUT if you need something lighter weight, I love the betty! And in patent- it is just HOT! Either way, you can't go wrong> I am no help am I. Great choices!!! Good luck with your decision!!!!
  4. My vote is a bit bias because I love the zippy:drool:. So IMO get the paddington:yes:
  5. I agree with Jag & Ali- get the paddy!:tup:
  6. thank you everybody..
    its tough decision. i really like the look of both. the betty is patent, its gorgeous, but i am thinking patent is seasonal trend. the chloe is regular black, and i love it.. the only thing is, its pretty heavy bag. hm... decision..decision.!!!

    jag: you seems very expert about chloe. i just wonder which one has better resell value in the future, when i buy, i really dont plan to sell it, but who knows later on..., specially if new things and design come up...
    thx you again.... :smile:
  7. I vote for the Paddington too! It's a good bag as your first chloe!
  8. I vote for the paddy too, the zippy is a great bag and as you said patent will not "last" as long.
  9. Paddy :tup:
  10. the paddy!
  11. :tup: Paddy!!!
    The only problem is that... it's addicting!
  12. Paddy leather is TDF!!!
  13. :p Paddy!!!