Pls. help me decide. Hoxton Keep or not ?

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    I went to my LV store today and I was thinking of purchasing the Favorite MM, but when I was trying the bag my SA handed me the Hoxton PM because it's also in front of me and I was also adoring the look of it. I know that the Hoxton is also a new bag and the price tag is within my budget. I was also thinking whether I should just buy another Neverfull in PM Damier as I only own the Mono in MM.
    I have other bags like Speedy in Azur, Speedy bandolier 30,Berkeley in Damier and other old LV bags.
    I do not own a cross body from LV right now aside from the Speedy 30 Bandolier.
    To make this long story short I ended up purchasing the Hoxton Pm while being torn with the Favorite MM. The SA told me the Hoxton is well made compared to Favorite and that because it's Damier I don't have to pay extra attention if the strap would get dirty compared to the Favorite in MM Monogram. She also told me that the magnet of the bag is stronger than the favorite and that there are many compartments and outside zipper for parking ticket, receipts etc...

    What do you think of this bag ? I came home and still a bit undecided whether I should keep it or return it tomorrow afternoon.. Help me decide and tell me your reasons why I should keep it or get the Favorite or the Neverfull in pM Damier or other bag you could recommend within the price range. I will truly appreciate. Here are some pics...
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392036960.346941.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392036996.464205.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392037044.634899.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392037056.885770.jpg

    I found this video review of Hoxton GM on YT.Mine is PM though..

    And the price increase here will be on February 26...

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  2. Can hoxton pm be used cross body and is that functionality important to you? If not, I would recommend neverfull pm. You don't sound 100% sold on the Hoxton otherwise you would have been doing an excited reveal.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. I was kind of searching for a new bag that can be carried as cross body, but also torn between Favorite MM and the Neverfull
    PM Damier. I realized the Hoxton can't pack most of the things that I usually carry with me everyday. That the bag was a bit small ? So maybe the Favorite would be the same? I am used to bags that is a bit bigger than the Hoxton and Fsvorite. I usually carry bags like speedy 30s.

    Please help me decide or help suggest a new bag for me. They only allow until tom to bring the bag back and change it for the same price tag. I can't return it and get my money back. They don't allow that here.
  4. I find the Hoxton not as visually appealing as the Favourite at this point. However, I've been known to fall in love with bags after trying them on though I thought those bags didn't look nice initially. If you can swing it, I think you should get both the Favourite and Neverfull before the price increase as they serve different functions.

  5. Exactly ^
  6. Even if there don't allow refund, they can issue store credit. And I'm certain you can buy a costlier bag; it needn't be the same price. LVs in some countries have shorter exchange period. Look at your receipt to see if they allow up to one or two weeks for exchange. Don't rush into a decision by tmr. How can the SA tell you that you need to exchange by tmr? You should point it out to her the next time you go in.
  7. @Asscher thanks for the response. Yes, I called and they told me that I could change the bag but the price needs to be the same range as the price of the Hoxton. So if I choose Neverfull Damier or Favorite, whichever of the two.. I still need to add maybe a tiny coin purse or some stuff for the price to be equal with the Hoxton's..

    I have been eyeing Favorite and also Neverfull and I know that these two bags are very popular esp. the Neverfull that almost everyone owns them :smile:
    But I know that if I get the PM in Damier I know it's going to be useful.

    Also, at first I wasn't in love with my Berkeley bec I thought it's not a popular bag, but now I am using it more often.

    I truly appreciate the wonderful replies and for taking the time to open this thread. Any other recommendations within the price same as Hoxton PM I would be most willing to consider.
  8. How much is the Hoxton? How much are both Neverfull and Favourite? I think you like both NF and Favorite. So rather than top up to get SLG, you might as well top up to get both bags you want.
  9. The Hoxton is 1,335.68 USD.. The Favorite is around 10000USD. Neverfull PM is around 1100 USD.
    I dont think id like to spend that much and buy those two bags tom.
  10. I can only afford around 13k
  11. Looking at LV website and the Siracusa in PM Azur is the same range.. Hmmm
  12. How about neverfull and pochette nm. You can use the pochette inside neverfull and if you are in need of a cross body (small) option, you can always use the pochette with a cross body strap.

  13. I was thinking of the Neverfull PM and the Pochette too.. But isn't the Pochette pricey like around $500 ?
    Btw, what's Pochette NM ?? I don't understand the NM.. sorry..
  14. I thought neverfull pm was around 950USD? The pochette accessoires nm is the newer version of the pochette (~couple of years old?).
  15. I don't live in the US. Everything is more expensive here .. unfortunately :sad: