Pls help me decide: Blk Passy GM or Hampstead MM?


Which bag makes the better work tote?

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    Hampstead MM

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  2. Black Epi Passy GM

    15 vote(s)
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  1. I need a tote bag for work. I had my heart set on the Hampstead MM, as I love the Damier pattern. DH and I went to the LV store on Wednesday and I tried it on for the first time. It's a bit bulky, but it was nice. DH, on the other hand, hated it! He said it was too bulky and it looked too casual for work. The wonderful SA suggested the Passy GM and brought it out to try. I had tried this a year ago and deemed it too large, but this time around, it fitted well. DH liked it, he said it looks professional (I'm a business manager), and sits well on my body.

    The Passy GM would use up the rest of my budget for the year, but with the Hampstead MM, I would have enough for a little accessory. I'm not fussed either way. I just want to make sure I get a bag that I can use for work that looks smart.

    What do you suggest?
  2. I love the Passy. I dont have it but i would love to. I think that would look perfect with a business look.
  3. black epi passy GM all the way (for business look)!
  4. I have a Black Passy GM, I think it is one of the best bags. What is great is that you can fit a laptop in one of the sides too, and still have plenty of room for other stuff.
  5. The Passy. The Hampstead is very casual looking.
    I bought the Hampstead PM and my DH disliked it, also. I sent it back to Eluxury.
  6. Definitely go for the Passy.
  7. Passy alll the way! I hate the red interior on the Damier!
  8. I say the damier if you are taking it to work because it is a lot more resistant and durable (i own more epi than canvas) so be prepared to have some scratches if you use it often; but on the other hand epi is a lot classier than damier.
  9. Passy GM for sure!!!
  10. Passy!! all the way! it's on my "to get" list. It's very polished and professional looking.
  11. no hampstead MM love?? :sad: i just bought mine this weekend, and i've carried it to work every day .. it's great! then again i adore the damier so i'm biased :p
  12. I like the Hampstead MM! It looks very professional and it's easy to take care of so you don't have to worry about it getting scratched.
  13. I voted for Hampstead-but thinking it through I might have to change that: I like the Passy but thought it too big as a shoulder bag, at least on me. But if it suits your frame it might be better for you; first, black is more elegant and versatile if you use it for work. Second you might prefer the form if you want to carry files-in my opinion the epi is more structured. The Hampstead is more a casual classic style. More a casual bag that gets you through the day
  14. I voted for the Passy....more professional looking in my opinion.
  15. anyone got pics?