Pls help me decide abt this miu miu bag

  1. im thinking abt this miu miu bag..anyone seen it in person pls tell me how is it? coz there is no miu miu shop in my country...TIA
    miu miu.jpg
  2. That's beautiful!
  3. i haven't seen it in person but on the picture it looks gorgeous!
  4. i love it! i'll definitely try to check out this bag in person.
  5. [​IMG]

    pretty!! i haven't seen it in the miu miu store in my city
  6. auey82 -

    I just saw this bag at the miu miu store in Taipei 101 and I nearly bought it myself! The leather is absolutely scrumptuous and if you're into big bags, then this will make for a wonderful everyday bag. The gold clasp (pictured above) helps take it from day to night.

    One quick piece of advice: I'd look into getting the bag in gray or black since the oils from you hands will darken the leather handles.

    If I hadn't fallen in love with a just-in purple miu miu satchel (have not yet appeared in their advertisement campaigns), then I'd have gotten this bag for sure.

    Good luck!
  7. ooh, do you have any pics of the new miu miu satchel. i am travelling to singapore soon and excited about seeing new season,

  8. I havent seen it, but my mum saw it in singapore, and was going to get it for me, but decided it was way too big and got me the bow satchel instead. she said it was VERY large ...
  9. i agree! i saw it in italy and it's huge. it looked great on this 6 foot tall lady but i don't know if it will work for more petite ladies...

  10. i have this bag and i LOVE it. i've been using it everyday since i purchased it three weeks ago. i was debating between this and the bow bag. since i see so many women with the bow bag, i decided to go with something different. it's so roomy, and the fact that i can carry it crossbody is a huge plus. the color is stunning and the leather quality is top notch. i really can't stop raving about this bag.

    i'm 5'4 with a petite frame. i don't find the bag to be overwhelming for my small stature at all. i prefer oversized bags though. the bigger, the better!
  11. thanks all 4 sharing....

    tadpolenyc.....pls show me ur miu miu bag..i really want to see it IRL b4 deciding to purchase....TIA
  12. Sorry for the delay - just figured out how to crop the pics!!

    It is a big bag, but it holds EVERYTHING. The leather is deliciously smooshy and buttery, and the purple is TDF!!
    miu miu purple.JPG
  13. And here's a close-up of the leather. Mmm.

    Plus me wearing the bag. Enjoy!
    miu miu purple 2.jpg miu miu purple 3.JPG