Pls help me decide (14C red jumbo vs Beige claire medium flap)


Mar 21, 2016
Hey ladies
I have a dilemma . I'm trying to decide between 2 bags. I have a 14C red jumbo with silver hardware and I just purchased a 2016 medium beige claire with gold hardware from a consignment store.
In the 2 years I've had my red jumbo, I think I've only used it 3 times. I also have a fuschia Celine python box so I sometimes feel like those two are interchangeable (similar colors) . Also, somrtimes i feel the jumbo is a bit big, but feel perhaps i'd have a greater appreciation for it when i'm older.
I've always wanted a beige classic flap (I've never owned such a neutral) but i dont know if its stupid for me to sell my red jumbo for a medium beige claire flap, especially with the constant price increases .
The problem is I cannot afford to keep the beige and my present collection . It's either I send it back for a refund (I have 2 weeks to decide) or I try to sell my red jumbo.

My collection at the moment
-Black lambskin GHW golden class medium flap
-Red jumbo with silver hardware
-Fuschia Celine python box with gold hardware
-Midnight blue medium python lady dior bag
-Patent black mini lady dior with champagne gold hardware
-I used to have a chanel boy but recently got rid of this as I don't like it enough

What would you do?


May 30, 2012
Chicago, IL
I think I'd stick with what you want now -- I would probably keep the m/l beige, especially if you aren't using the red jumbo ... the bags are too $$$ to sit unused. Hope this helps!