Pls help me confirm this bag is a greige city

  1. I have the pics of my (hopefully) greige city! Can you please look at them and confirm color for me? Thanks so much! :yes:
    DSC02358-1.jpg DSC02360-1.jpg
  2. oooh pretty! it looks like greige to me :smile: congrats!
  3. ^^ ditto!!! :tender:
  4. I w-a-a-a-a-a-a-n-t it. Please?:winkiss:
  5. It's Greige and it is GORGEOUS!!!
  6. :girlsigh: Thanks so much to all you wonderful PFer's for helping me find my holy grail of bbags! I have left a message for the SA that I will take the bag - I should hopefully have it within the week!

    Beth001 - sorry, I can't let you have this bag but I have learned that lurking here at the forum can pay. Some people may call it an obsession, I prefer to call it determination!
  7. It should be easy to tell natural from greige because the letter on the silver tag should denote that greige is f/w 06 and natural is spring '07. Again, I think it's greige because greige is more marbly looking, the natural much less, at least mine are that way.
  8. Gorgeous bag! Greige is a beautiful color. Congrats on finding your bag!:smile:
  9. I am glad Harvey Nics sent you the pictures so quickly.:smile:

    I was sure it was greige, but happy you got some confirmation after your last experience!

    I am very happy you found your Greige!;)
  10. LOVELY Greige City... I want!
  11. Gorgeous Greige City. :drool:
  12. Very pretty greige bag!
  13. Is the greige bag still much sought after? I have one on hold for my customer; no wonder she was so excited when I told her we have 1 left. Congrats! The greige is one of my favorite colors!
  14. It sure is a pretty one too. Congrats!